Sensi Locking

Sensi locking, our unique platform for earning guaranteed returns just by locking your Sensi tokens. Buy your Sensi, go to the locking platform and lock your chosen amount for 28 days.

A total reward pool of 10 trillion! Sensi has been made available for daily distribution among all lockers. To reward our early lockers, 0.5% of the rewards pool will be distributed daily at around 0:00 CET. You can even choose to compound your earned rewards, for a higher percentage return of the total distributed rewards. To do so, just press the EXTEND button when your rewards are in!

Sensi lockers will enjoy a wide range of extras and tools available to Sensi lockers. Our Relay tool allows you to send your Sensi to another wallet, free of transfer tax. Leaderboards will reward holders with the highest locking streaks and percentage locked. More tools will come available as we continue development.