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The aim of Sensi is to provide DeFi services that are easier and more accessible to a wider audience. The first of this began with the custom staking platform Sensi Locking.

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The next step for Sensi is the Smart Yield platform which increases your yield and reduces your risks compared to conventional DeFi staking platforms. This is currently in closed alpha testing and soon to be released.

Continuing our development cycle, the next step is a fully featured Sensi Exchange. This comprehensive platform of DeFi services will make it easier and more accessible for a wider audience to join the world of DeFi.

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A unique platform for earning guaranteed returns just by locking your Sensi tokens
Buy your Sensi, go to the locking platform and lock your chosen amount for 28 days. A total reward pool of 10 trillion! SENSI has been made available for daily distribution among all lockers
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Smart Yield is an innovative, world-first platform which aims to simplify the process of DeFi yield farming.
Smart Yield drastically reducing the amount of manual work on the part of the investor whilst reducing the various risks of loss that come with investing in high-volatility assets/pools.
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The comprehensive platform of DeFi services that are easier and more accessible to a wider audience.
Sensi DeX will focus on new projects to launch, by offering their dev teams new features and flexibility about how their new token is deployed and traded and extra security and vetting mechanisms




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$SENSI is a stealth launched DeFi coin. Each transaction has a variable % tax fee, governed by our Sensi holders. Currently, there’s a 4% fee, out of which 1% is burned, 3% goes to liquidity, marketing & development.

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  • Dev & Marketing
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